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N009 Starry Night Champaign Romance

N009 Starry Night Champaign Romance

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Get ready to transport yourself into a night full of stars with our handmade press-on nails - the "Starry Night Champagne Romance" set! These deep blue nails sparkle in every light angle and are dotted with shiny, champagne-colored rhinestones, giving you a luxurious and fun nail experience. Our beautiful blue nails are enhanced with sparkles that create a magical touch, reminding us of a star-studded night sky. They shine exquisitely with your every move. Added to these are the gorgeous champagne-colored rhinestones providing a sophisticated look to your nails. Just like the enchanting night sky, our "Starry Night Champagne Romance" set brings a touch of elegance and glamour to special occasions, dates, or any time you want a bit of magic in your look. These nails, handcrafted to perfection, fit flawlessly and last a good while. Indulge in a magical and luxurious nail experience with our "Starry Night Champagne Romance" press-on nails. They come with captivating blue colors, sparkles and champagne-colored rhinestones, ready to let you shine like a star!

Product number: N009

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