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N022 Sparkling Galaxy

N022 Sparkling Galaxy

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 Shoot for the stars with our "Sparkling Galaxy" handmade press-on nails! These nails serve as your very own cosmic connection, featuring a white Gypsum texture and a universe of purple sparkles that twinkle like distant stars. They're perfect for every space explorer who doubles as a fashion diva!

✨ Stardust Charm: Inspired by the captivating beauty of our cosmos, these nails are strewn with amethyst-hued sparkles, resembling a galaxy far, far away. Hold the universe at your fingertips and dazzle brighter than a shooting star!

Milky Way Magic: These nails adopt the unique white Gypsum texture as their base, mirroring the ethereal beauty of a milky nebula. Fashioned to make you feel like you're walking on the moon and reaching for the stars!

Purple Skies: The magical purple specks aren't just sparkles - they're an endless night sky on a clear summer night. Every flick of your hand echoes the whisper of the cosmos calling you home.

Celestial Craftsmanship: Each set of our "Sparkling Galaxy" press-on nails is handcrafted to ensure a comfortable fit, durability for everyday wear, and a one-of-a-kind experience. Each nail is a miniature canvas, handpainted to perfection.

Sassy Stargazer: Wherever you go, these nails bring in a heap of fun from the heavens. Whether you're typing away at your desk, cheering at a game, or dancing under the real stars, these nails make any moment a cosmic party on earth.

Step into the cosmic wonderland with the "Sparkling Galaxy" handmade press-on nails. The brilliant amalgamation of white Gypsum texture and purple sparkles instantly transport you to a universe of style and glamour. Explore the otherworldly charm of these nails and leave a trail of stardust wherever you go! #SparklingGalaxy #NailArt #StellarStyle

Product number: N022 

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