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N021 Heart Bliss Gem

N021 Heart Bliss Gem

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Embrace your innately romantic side with our "heart bliss gem" handmade press-on nails! These nails twinkle with delightful heart-shaped and water drop rhinestones embedded into an irresistible pink-colored background. They're perfect for adding a sprinkle of fairy-tale charm to your everyday looks.

Pink Paradise: Barbie, flamingos, cotton candy—who doesn't love pink? These nails flaunt a delightful shade of bubblegum pink that will bring a pop of playful color to your fingertips. Pinky promise, you'll love it!

Dewdrop Glam: Adding a hint of sophistication, water drop rhinestones make each finger shine like morning dew on a rose petal. Turn heads with every wave!

Handmade with Love: These nails are handmade, meaning each set is uniquely crafted for perfect individuality. Created from top-quality materials, let your nails enjoy the comfort they deserve without compromising on fun!

Flirt with Fun: "Tickled Pink" nails are designed to spread joy around. So, whether you're out and about, dashing off emails, or hosting a virtual hangout—give them a reason to smile.

Slip on the whimsical "Tickled Pink" handmade press-on nails and become the ultimate girly-girl. Combining a candy-like pink shade with heart and water drop rhinestones, these nails are always ready to party! Embrace the fun, and let your nails echo your laughter! #TickledPink #NailDesire #HandmadeArtistry

Product number: N021

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