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N011 Gunmetal Lustrous Butterfly

N011 Gunmetal Lustrous Butterfly

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Ready to reveal your rockstar side with our handcrafted press-on nails - the thrilling "Gunmetal Lustrous Butterfly" set. These aren't just plain black nails, they twinkle with a beautiful sparkle. With striking tips, glossy rhinestones, and charming butterfly decorations, get ready to flaunt a nail style that is exciting, audacious, and simply fabulous. Our press-on nails, in a beautiful gunmetal black color, add a sense of mystery and fascination to your nails, making a bold statement. We've elevated the basic black with an added dazzling sparkle that glitters beautifully. With fabulous tips that blend perfectly with the gunmetal base, your nails will stand out in their unique style. Our nails are adorned with glossy rhinestones to add glamour. Decorated with delightful butterfly accents, these nails are a symbol of individuality and joy. Embrace the "Gunmetal Lustrous Butterfly" press-on nails and let your inner rockstar slip out. With glittering black nails, stunning tips, shiny rhinestones, and butterfly decorations prepare yourself for a nail style that is both enjoyable and fierce.

Product number: N011

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