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N002 daisy whisper

N002 daisy whisper

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Ladies and plant-lovers, nail enthusiast, strap in! Dive into the irresistible charm of Daisy Whisper, our handmade press-on nails that are as refreshing as a spring afternoon. Picture this: Luxurious cream perfectly punctuated by leafy-green tips. Got it? Now, imagine cute hand-painted daisies dancing across this dreamy landscape... And, voila! You're living the Daisy Whisper dream! Each set of these nails is like having a personal bouquet at your fingertips, radiating an elegance that's purely nature-inspired. This ain't your garden-variety nail design - oh no! Fun, flirty, and undeniably fresh, Daisy Whisper is for those who love to carry a little piece of nature's joy with them wherever they go. Don't just whisper your style, shout it out with Daisy Whisper handmade press-on nails! It’s trendy, it's floral fun, and it's ready to be your go-to accessory for blooming good time!

Product number: N002

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