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N017p Sugar Bowknot (Blue)

N017p Sugar Bowknot (Blue)

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Upgrade your nail look with our "Check Me Out" handmade press-on nails! These nails feature a stylish checkered design and an attractive bow tie accent. Available in two captivating colors to match your taste and style.

Checkered Chic: Designed with the striping technique, your nails will flaunt a slick checkered pattern, reflecting a sense of class and zest. Stand out in style!

Bow Tie Accent: our adorable bow tie feature serves as an appealing accessory for your nails, enhancing their charm. Show off your stylish nails with flair!

Two Exciting Colors: The "Check Me Out" nails come in two exciting colors, allowing you to mix and match or change them according to your mood. Prepare for an array of gingham fun at your fingertips!

Crafted with Passion: Our nails are handmade with creativity, utilizing quality materials for durability and comfort. Easy to use, simply peel, stick, and strut your style!

 Fun and Unique: "Check Me Out" nails are about expressing your unique style. Play around with the colors, make your patterns, and let your creativity shine brightly. Treat your nails as your canvas, and let the world be your showcase!

Try on the chic checkered design and charming bow tie with our "Check Me Out" handmade press-on nails. Choose from two impressive colors and makes your nails a conversation piece catching everyone's attention. Have fun, show off your creativity, and make your style statement! #CheckMeOut #NailGameStrong #ChequeredCuties

Product number: N017p

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