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N004p Spring Love (Long)

N004p Spring Love (Long)

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 Introducing our charming Handmade Press On Nails in a soft, delicate nude and white design, adorned with the sweet message 'Spring Love' and delicate pearls. 

This beautiful manicure exudes elegance and sweetness, with its gentle and dreamy colors complemented by the delicate script of 'Spring Love' in beautiful, handwritten script. Each nail is also adorned with just the right amount of pearls, adding a touch of luxury to your fingertips.

Our Handmade Press On Nails allow you to achieve a perfect salon-quality manicure quickly and easily. Press them on and take in the gorgeous design, which is perfect for a brunch date, picnic or wedding.

Adding to its charm, these Handmade Press On Nails are perfect for anyone seeking a romantic and soft look that perfectly complements a gentle spring breeze. They're also perfect for when you want a feminine and delicate touch to your outfit.

Our talented artisans hand make each nail with love and care to create the perfect fit, comfort, and durability. You'll never have to worry about nails flying off at inconvenient times or the long wait at the salon.

Indulge in the sweetness of our Handmade Press On Nails, and let 'Spring Love' grace your fingertips with its gentle, lovely charm. Get ready for compliments galore as you flaunt your charming new set of nails. Order your press-on nails today and invite springtime into your fashion repertoire. 

Product number: N004p

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