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N015 Chic Marble

N015 Chic Marble

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Unleash your inner divinity with "Chic Marble" – the handcrafted press-on nails that exemplify refinement and elegance. Featuring a striking white and black marble pattern, embellished with shiny zircons, these nails transform your fingertips into a piece of art. Let your nails speak volumes, and prepare to exude your royal charm!

Marble trend is making waves, and our "Chic Marble" nails offer an ideal way to join the tide. The fascinating mix of white and black creates a marble effect, lending an air of exquisite lavishness that would make anyone feel like a diva.

What's a diva without a dose of sparkle? Our nails come bedazzled with shiny zircons that reflect light captivatingly, lending your nails a diamond-like sparkle. It's time your fingertips twinkled and made a mark wherever you go!

Every nail is handcrafted with love employing superior materials, ensuring longevity and comfortable wear. What's more, they're easy to apply – simple peel, stick and you're all set!

"Chic Marble" set is about self-expression and fun. You can keep it minimalist or elevate your look with nail art stickers, these nails let you unleash your creativity and carve your unique statement. So let your nails mirror your persona, and have fun with them!

Brace yourself to channel your inner goddess with "Chic Marble" handcrafted press-on nails. With a stunning white and black marble pattern, embellished with shiny zircons, let your nails evolve into an embodiment of sophistication and elegance. Let your nails command the conversation, and slay like the queen you are! #ChicMarble #MarblePerfection #UnleashYourInnerGoddess

Product number: N015

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